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We offer both in-person and online appointments

Regulations have been changing frequently regarding in-person contact, social distancing, and wearing masks. During the global COVID pandemic, we have worked hard to balance these regulations with the needs of our clients, and the health concerns of our clinicians.


At this time, some of our psychologists are seeing some clients face-to-face, while others are still conducting appointments entirely online. We recognize that every situation is unique, and both clients and clinicians have varying comfort levels with in-person vs. online appointments. Rest assured that we are doing our best to accommodate everyone's needs.

In some cases, our clinicians may feel that your specific situation necessitates in-person appointments, or online appointments, and will recommend one or the other. Likewise, you may have a strong preference for one mode or another. If you do have such a preference, please let us know at the time you schedule your appointment.

In our waiting rooms, hallways, and other public spaces, we request safe practices and we have posted friendly reminders based on CDC and Washington State Health Department guidelines.

Regarding online security, you should know that at the outset of the pandemic, the federal government temporarily allowed therapists to use non-HIPAA compliant forms of video conferencing, such as Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook, etc. These platforms are still in use by some other therapists, but they are not fully secure, nor HIPAA compliant. However, Olympic Psychology Services was set up for telehealth before COVID-19, so our SimplePractice platform is fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and easier to use than Zoom.

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