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Wellness groups, classes, seminars, and workshops

About our wellness groups and classes:

Sometimes, bringing together people who have gone through similar experiences can be a powerful method for learning and growth. By working together and listening, we can help and support one another. In our wellness groups and classes, the dynamic is different from talking with friends and family about a problem. Well-intentioned people in your life may simply not be able to relate, or may not have the knowledge to help, or may be sidetracked by their relationship with you.

All of the wellness groups and classes at Olympic Psychology Services aim to balance education and personal growth with kinship and empathy. The groups are facilitated by experienced, doctoral-level clinicians who provide expert information and guidance. However, because our group offerings are not therapy groups, they are not covered by health insurance plans.

Our current offerings:
  • Dungeons and Dialogues
    (Ongoing availability)

    Grab your swords and get ready to have an adventure! This group is geared towards improving social skills, engaging in social interactions, and addressing social anxiety through the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The game is inherently social, and this group is designed to facilitate positive social engagement in a fun and natural way. Time will also be provided for the group to debrief and discuss each gaming session. This group is open to new and experienced D&D players.

    Click HERE for a brochure with all the details and registration information

  • DBT Skills Class (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)
    (Available TBA)
    Do you struggle with intense emotions that interfere in your relationships? Resort to self-destructive behaviors to cope with life’s struggles? Then this class is for you. DBT Skills covers four important domains: emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, and distress tolerance. Improving these skills will help guide you through life's challenges – and towards a life you deserve.

  • Anxiety and Depression Management Class for Teens
    (Available TBA)

    In this positive, upbeat (dare we say fun?) class we will learn about anxiety and depression: what they are, and how to manage them. We'll take the first steps to coping and living our best lives. Participants will be invited, but not required, to support each other by sharing experiences and successes.

  • Busy Moms Support Group
    (Available TBA)

    Are you a working mom struggling to find balance between parenting and career; mommy time and me time; friends and family; and finding the time and energy “to do it all?” In just 90 minutes each week – rejuvenate, connect, and find solutions in raising your child, balancing work, and staying grounded.


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